1 million downloads!

Today we are proud to share the news that we have cracked the 1 million download mark! Our journey started in 2017, with the idea of creating an app that enables users to learn languages in a way that fits in with their lives and their passions.

It’s been two years full of roller coaster moments. Every day we give our best to improve the app in order to provide our users with the best language learning experience possible. New ideas have been created, new features and functions have been added – all for our motivated language learners.

We couldn’t be happier with today’s achievement – an achievement which is rooted in the input from our fantastic users. Maybe you are one of those amazing people who helped us with feedback, or simply gave us the chance to put a smile on your face along with all your unique LearnMatch experiences. You have all contributed a great deal towards helping us create this language learning platform with all its amazing features and functions. Thank you for that!

We are looking at a really big number: 1 million LearnMatch downloads. O-N-E M-I-L-L-I-O-N. Wow! That makes us very proud and spurs us on to further increase this number and help more people around the world to learn languages with our app.

We hope that you will continue to accompany us on this path!

fleoo.net wins BUS2BUS Pitch 2019

Dear LearnMatch friends,


fleoo.net wins BUS2BUS Pitch 2019 with Vision Education as a strong partner on board!

On March 19th, 2019, BUS2BUS took place in Berlin. The Startup Pitches jury – consisting of journalists, venture capital donors and representatives of the bus industry – awarded startup fleoo.net with the first prize. fleoo.net convinced the jury of the innovation enshrined in its language learning and navigation app for bus drivers, which is based on the phase6 Berufe app and developed by Vision Education.

What is fleoo.net?

fleoo.net knows that international drivers are crucial for the modern bus industry. However, in their opinion, a lack of language and local knowledge poses a problem, as it leads to extended and unproductive training periods and causes expensive mistakes. The fleoo assistance package overcomes language barriers, promotes language competence, documents progress and, for example, gets bus drivers work-ready in no time. fleoo.net also helps to prevent 96% of mistakes.

How exactly does the app work?

fleoo.net is divided into fleoo.nav, fleoo.com and fleoo.ml. fleoo.nav supports bus drivers to manage scheduled services, learns all stops and danger points and helps inexperienced drivers stick to the timetable. fleeo.com networks dispatching, traffic management and drivers, provides pictures and position data. In this way, language barriers are managed easily and faults are reported correctly. fleoo.microlessons enables drivers to train in their chosen language independently of time and place. Technical terms are learned and the exchange of information with passengers is facilitated.

But what is BUS2BUS?

As a high-end platform for bus companies, bus manufacturers, suppliers, service providers and visionaries, BUS2BUS helps to enliven the industry with new ideas and solutions. BUS2BUS functions as a combination of a trade fair with a comprehensive range of products, a congress and a Future Forum, at which new future markets are jointly developed.

We are very proud to be part of this success story and wish to continue to share such victories with our partners in the future.

Kern AG Training and Vision Education Partnership

Dear LearnMatch friends,


Language is all about connecting people, and for that reason, Kern AG and Vision Education are excited to be working together.

An increasing number of companies are operating on a multinational scale and want to position themselves successfully on the global market in terms of language. Kern AG, as Germany’s largest full-service provider for foreign language communication, and Vision Education, Austria’s award-winning language learning provider, bundle their strengths together and provide the automotive industry with fresh and exciting input.

Industry-specific training

The trend towards internal training across the industry continues to rise. The support of various language service providers is indispensable for the internationalisation of the company’s own continuing education programmes. Efficient, flexible and relevant solutions have top priority. State-of-the-art mobile and online tools that offer methodical learning approaches with video, photo and audio elements are extremely promising. Interactive activities and regular testing of learning guarantee fast and sustainable learning success. With the launch of our language learning app for the automotive industry, KERN AG and Vision Education are leading the way in terms of modern in-house training implemented in digital form.

Development of the project

The leading language trainer ‘phase6 Berufe’ supports professionals in improving language competence and subject-specific vocabulary. Through combining the proven methodology of phase6 and new innovative LiveMatch technology, the app represents interactive learning through fun. It promotes internal communication and develops crucial knowledge which leads to greater productivity and quality of work. In cooperation with KERN AG, Vision Education can now guarantee the highest quality in up to 22 languages.

What services does KERN AG offer?

KERN AG, headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, was founded in 1969 and is regarded as the leading full-service provider in the field of global language management. The AG has over 60 offices in Germany, Austria, France, Great Britain, Poland, the Netherlands, the USA and China. The company offers translation and interpretation services in all world languages, software and website localisation, technical editing, terminology and translation memory management as well as much more.

We look forward to further developing our relationship with Germany’s largest full-service provider for foreign language communication.

News from Vision Education

Website relaunch!

We’re delighted to announce that our eagerly-anticipated brand new website has now been released: LearnMatch and our corporate website have merged and the information provided is now optimised for our potential partners and customers. The site is, of course, available in our three main languages: EnglishSpanish and German.
We’d love to hear from you and are always happy to hear customers’ feedback and ideas, especially on the subject of the new site. Get in touch!

LearnMatch Business app for cleaning professionals

Equipping all 53,000 employees of an entire industry in Austria with our German learning app naturally takes time! But we’re doing just that for cleaning professionals across Austria as well as offering appropriate support for the companies and employees involved.
In addition to company-specific adaptations, appropriate information documents were preparedtogether with the guild and now all employees are being trained and informed step-by-step.

Dictionary development

After a complex and involved process, we are pleased to now be able to offer an innovative new dictionary function! The dictionaries of Alphary AG (a partner of Oxford University Press and other leading providers) and various translation services are now seamlessly integrated within our apps and can also be accessed via the web platform learnmatchdict.com.

The unique interlocking of the personal dictionary with smartphone and desktop search functions and the compilation of an individual vocabulary trainer for personal learning makes our mobile language learning apps unique on an international level.  Test the ‘magnifying glass’ in your LearnMatch app today – you’ll be amazed!

Welcome to the  language learning world of LearnMatch!

International Awards, Dictionary & more

Dear friends and partners of LearnMatch!

If you have updated your LearnMatch App in the past few weeks, you will already have noticed the exciting recent changes: LearnMatch has been revised to incorporate a light and extremely modern design.

What you may not have noticed immediately are the developments made underneath the surface: A lot of new features, the new onboarding process, the integration of a regular prize competition and new exercise types round off the all-improved app. And last, but by no means least, the introduction of thenew dictionary: revolutionising LearnMatch and bringing the app into a whole new dimension of vocabulary training.

This multilingual reference dictionary has an extensive vocabulary, offering users the opportunity to translate words via LearnMatch by simply clicking on them online or in e-mails and/or storing vocabulary in the so-called Personal Dictionary. This enables users to identify, store and train with tricky words as regularly as necessary. An absolute innovation – and an incredibly valuable feature for users with advanced language skills.

Update for Android

Update for iOS


International recognition – LearnMatch award fever!

We are delighted to announce that LearnMatch is a FINALIST in the ELTons Awards for Innovation in English Language Teaching, 2018. We are appearing in the Innovation in Learner Resource category at the 16th British Council. The ELTon Award is seen as the Oscars of the English Language Teaching-Industrie (ELT)and one of the most reputable global awards in this field. We are already looking forward to the award gala in London in mid-June.

A few weeks ago, LearnMatch was also awarded second place in The Best App of 2018 category at the Show Your App Award 2018!

Our LearnMatch Business App is also going through a process of permanent evolution and will bring many innovations this quarter, including new industries (like Automotive and Financial Services) and an extensive dictionary. The feedback from our first customers (who we would like to thank for their trust and enthusiasm) is great and very encouraging.

The LearnMatch team

News from Vision Education

Dear friends & partners,

the last couple of months have been undoubtedly eventful for us and our team. We have successfully launched two amazing apps: LearnMatch and LearnMatch-Business/phase6 Berufe. In addition, we were able to find important sponsors in the DACH region, who are providing us with excellent support by spreading LearnMatch amongst different groups of users. These include T-Mobile, Erste Bank, H2 Sprachreisen, C-Quadrat, Bildungsverlag Lemberger, our German media partner Kicker, with more than 9 million digital usersand many more.
These successful partnerships allow us to offer LearnMatch free of charge in the App-Stores in many countries at least until July 2018 – as long as the users choose their preferred sponsor for the app.

Furthermore, we were able to win innovative and active partners also for the LearnMatch Business app: the international nursing care companies Linara/Hausengel and the organisation of Viennese facility management companies. The two existing versions of the LearnMatch Business app – for the nursing care sector and facility cleaning service providers – as well as LearnMatch will play a vital role in our international sales activities in 2018.

We are particularly pleased to announce the start of a successful cooperation with two international NGOs, which are unique role models in many different countries: Pro Mujer and Jugend Eine Welt. In a relatively short period of time, we have thus achieved our ambitious international goal and created a great starting point for further significant global partnerships.

We can proudly look back on what we have achieved until now. Therefore, we would also like to express our warmest thank you to all of the people who have accompanied us on this journey so far and will continue to do so in the future.

Together we can really make a tremendous difference!


We wish you and your beloved ones a wonderful holiday season and a successful start into the new year. We are looking forward to receiving active feedback from our friends and partners also in the future.

With our kindest regards,

the Vision Education Team