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Together with our international sponsors and partners, we promote and support projects in the field of education and learning. Our ambitious goal is to give children and adults, who would not normally have this opportunity, worldwide access to languages and education.

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Lindsay Clandfield

Award-winning writer, teacher, educational trainer and international speaker in the field of English language teaching. Lindsay has written over ten course books for language learners, authored numerous articles for Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press and Macmillan and co-authored several method books for teachers.

Philip Kerr

In addition to his work as a teacher trainer and lecturer, Philip is an award-winning author of textbooks for language teachers (published by Cambridge University Press) and textbooks for students (published by Macmillan Education). He has worked as a consultant and editor for many of the most prestigious international publishers.


LearnMatch combines well-founded psychological findings and didactically established methods, including the systematic repetition of vocabulary. This is based on the scientifically proven learning system from phase6, Germany's leading vocabulary trainer. The system has a 15 year track record: The sustainable acquisition of vocabulary.


The limits of my language are the limits of my world.

Ludwig Wittgenstein

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