Frequently Asked Questions

Sponsoring & Payments

Is the app really free? Will it remain free?

Most content on LearnMatch is free in most countries with sponsors. Some content, especially for higher language levels, is to be paid for and is available separately as in-app purchases. 

In some countries, there is a subscription version of LearnMatch that provides a certain number of exercises and LiveMatches each day for free.

I don't understand what the sponsor is. Do I have to pay later?

LearnMatch is largely free for the end user (or, in other words, you) where it is supported by sponsors. So, if you choose an available sponsor, you can always use parts or areas of the app for free except for paid content or subscriptions, which are marked accordingly.

Learning Method

Why is LearnMatch better than other language apps?

  1. It has ABSOLUTELY NO ads or advertising.
  2. The LiveMatch feature is unique: you can learn a new language while playing with your friends and family and have a lot of fun at the same time (the gamification elements provide good entertainment).
  3. The app is available for almost 40 native languages.
  4. The app is based on the scientifically proven learning algorithm developed by Germany’s leading vocabulary trainer.

Do I need an internet connection to use LearnMatch?

To start a session (either Training or LiveMatch), your phone must connect to the Internet for a few seconds before you begin. Once you are logged in, you can also use LearnMatch offline because the content has been downloaded and stored on your smartphone.

However, you need a good Internet connection to play LiveMatch so you can face off against your friends in real time.

I have reached a point where there don’t seem to be any new words to practice – how do I move on?

At the end of each learning package, you will be told about the content that is still available for further practice. 

The app is based on a scientific principle that looks at how you can anchor words/phrases in your long-term memory. This is achieved through spaced repetition, i.e. you must repeat the word at least 6 times at different intervals to ensure that it sticks.

In addition, the system automatically presents you with vocabulary that you find harder to use and with which you make mistakes more often.

You can also activate another course or create your own by using the dictionary function.

How can I add my own words to LearnMatch and create my own lists?

You can look up and add words and phrases using the dictionary, which you can find in the middle of menu at the bottom of the screen. Type in words or phrases you are interested in, or use the microphone for voice input. When you have found the words you’re interested in, you can add them to your “Personal Course”.

You can also select words and phrases anywhere on your device, for example in your mobile browser or email client, and look them up in LearnMatch using the ‘share’ feature of your device. The same works for learnmatchdict.com, where you can log in using your LearnMatch credentials and add words straight into the app.


How do I invite friends?

Select the profile icon in the bottom right-hand menu, then go to ‘Show friends’ and invite your friends through the channel of your choice (SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger…).

LiveMatches are even more fun with friends or family members.


Monthly Challenge

What is the Kicker Challenge?

The Kicker Challenge is a monthly competition where the goal is to achieve the highest possible number of points by using the app. You must be a registered user to participate in the Kicker Challenge. 

The Kicker Challenge is won by the player who has scored the most points at the end of the Challenge.

You can find the exact rules and conditions of participation here:  https://learnmatch.net/en/kicker-challenge-game-rules/

Why were my Kicker Challenge Points deleted?

The Kicker Challenge always runs for one month. At the end of the month, the points are reset and the new challenge starts.

I play Kicker Challenge every day – why don’t I earn more points?

It’s great that you like the Kicker Challenge so much that you’re playing LiveMatches every day! However, only the best 20 results in a given month count towards your score.

Technical Troubleshooting

I can’t hear any sound, what should I do?

  1. Please check if you have the audio function turned on, both in your device settings as well as in the app settings.
  2. Please send us an email to support@learnmatch.com, telling us which mobile phone, app and Android/iOS version you are using. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

The app is slow and hangs. How can I sort this out?

This is usually due to your Internet connection. Check your Internet connection and its speed with another application on your smartphone (e.g. your browser), close LearnMatch and restart LearnMatch if the Internet connection is OK.

Why can't I continue learning after the first 100 words?

Is it possible that you downloaded LearnMatch Business instead of LearnMatch from the AppStore? If you see the dark green LearnMatch Business logo in the top right corner and you are asked to contact the company Vision Education after you have learned 100 words, then it looks like you’ve ended up with the LearnMatch Business App. No problem: download LearnMatch from the Appstore (the app with the light green logo) and learn new languages and vocabulary.

User Suggestions

I think some translations could be improved.

We make every effort to create high-quality content and to keep making it better. We are always happy to receive your suggestions for improvement, which you can send to us at support@learnmatch.com or via the content feedback function in the app. For us to be able to review the mistakes in question, we always need the word in the native language and the learning language (both the wrong word and, in your opinion, the right word for comparison) and the course (Is English the learning language or something else? A1, A2, B1 or B2?).

Please keep in mind that a word can usually have several meanings and that we base our vocabulary on the example sentence: the meaning of the learned word always depends on the context.

Why can't I learn Russian/Chinese... other languages with LearnMatch?

There are currently 6 learning languages in LearnMatch: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese. We are a young company and we’re working really hard to expand our range. Adding new languages is always time consuming and costly. But don’t worry, the future will bring all kinds of innovations! 

Other languages are currently only available through an external partner; you can find the link to this in the app under the other courses.

Registration & Account

Why should I register?

The main reason for registering is to make sure you don’t lose where you’ve got to in your learning especially if you’re planning to buy a new smartphone and reinstall LearnMatch, or if you’re using multiple devices. You also need to register to play LiveMatch with your friends and use your personal dictionary without any restrictions. Registration is also necessary for participating in the Kicker Challenge.

How do I delete my account?

To make sure that you’re actually registered, click on the profile icon in the bottom right-hand corner, then on the cog in the top left-hand corner, followed by ‘Profile’. If you see your email address under your username, you’ve registered. Please send an email to support@learnmatch.com, specifying the email address that you’ve registered with.

More questions? We are here to help 🙂