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Learn languages whenever and wherever you want. 24/7, in comfort and fun.

Your personal language coach

Everything you need to master a new language, in one unique app.


Vocabulary trainer

With LearnMatch you can learn
vocabulary covering seven languages
and even add your own words.


Translate single words or
whole texts with LearnMatch and
add them to your personal dictionary.



There is hardly any vocabulary you won´t find in the LearnMatch-dictionary for learning English.


Language courses for beginners
and advanced learners - covering
six learning languages.

35+ mother tongues

LearnMatch is set up in your native language, enabling you to learn a new language much faster and locate yourself speedily within the App.


Seven learning languages

Our dictionary:

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Create your own course

It’s easy to add any word to the app, meaning that you can learn and practise the vocabulary you really need.

User Reviews

Why people prefer LearnMatch to any other language learning app.

Intuitive, easy to use and very user-friendly. A really great app. The most amazing thing is that you actually learn new words in a foreign language while playing – as a bonus to the game. Excellent! What more can one wish for?

Noelia Berna

Alicante, Spain

The app is great. You learn a language by playing games with friends. My vocabulary has expanded dramatically since I've been using the app every day – on my way to work or even in the gym. Highly recommended!

Guilherme Cazzonato

Ribeirao, Brazil

LearnMatch has been great! A lot of fun features and easy to use. The personal dictionary is my favorite feature. Language enthusiasts will love it. Kudos to the team!

Bhavna Grewal

Ludhiana, India

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