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LearnMatch in use at your language school

A unique marketing and content tool

What could generate more advertising impact than a language learning app
with the personalised look and feel of your language school? As a leading and flexible mobile vocabulary trainer at the latest technological level, LearnMatch is perfect for language schools.

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Reach target groups

With the LearnMatch edition tailored to your language school, you can reach new target groups.

Integrate content

Maximum flexibility for integrating your websites, appointment calendars, course information etc.

Maintain customer contact

A suite of tools enabling you to support your customers with individualised and relevant messages.


Our flexible technical platform allows you to easily integrate your own coursebooks into your branded language learning app.

Learn languages playfully

LearnMatch turns language learning into a positive experience – with fun, games and social interaction built in.

Tailor-made All-In-One-App

Everything you need to learn a language in a unique app: anytime, anywhere. 24/7, in comfort and fun.

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